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Scandinavian name meaning 'might' or 'strength'.

  • Those with the name Megin are often ambitious, strong-willed, and determined individuals who strive to accomplish their goals with perseverance and tenacity.
  • Megin is a name of Scandinavian origin that means 'might' or 'strength'

M Female Christianity Scandinavian

Logo Name Meaning


a term used to refer to a military leader

  • They have a natural ability to take charge and lead others effectively.
  • People with this name are often confident, organized, and strategic in their approach to life
  • Jeneral is a name that conveys strength and leadership

J Female Christianity English

Logo Name Meaning



  • Deniz is a name of Turkish origin that means "sea"
  • They have a strong connection to nature and are known for their serene demeanor
  • Deniz is a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls.

D Unisex Christianity Islam Turkish

Logo Name Meaning



  • Sinta is a name with a strong and positive connotation, symbolizing faith and loyalty.
  • Sinta is a name of Indonesian origin that means 'trust.' Individuals named Sinta are known for their kindness and reliability
  • They are devoted friends and place great value on trust and honesty in their relationships

S Female Christianity Islam Indonesian

Logo Name Meaning


wealth and battle

  • They are known for their strong will and resilience
  • It is a unique and distinctive name that exudes a sense of power and strength.
  • People with this name are often described as confident and determined individuals who are not afraid to face challenges head-on

O Female Christianity Germanic_paganism German

Logo Name Meaning



  • Esther is known for being loving, kind-hearted, and protective of her loved ones
  • People with this name are often wise and charming
  • She is a shining light in the lives of those around her.

E Female Judaism Christianity Persian Biblical

Logo Name Meaning


white hawk

  • In addition to its noble meaning, Gavin is associated with individuals who possess a powerful and determined nature along with a charming and resilient personality
  • With a hint of mystery and grace, Gavin exudes confidence and leadership qualities that make him stand out in a crowd.
  • Gavin is a name of Scottish origin that means 'white hawk'

G Male Christianity Scottish

Logo Name Meaning


bearer of gifts

  • People with this name are known for their kind-hearted and generous nature
  • They have a strong sense of loyalty and are dedicated to their loved ones
  • Koromias are usually creative and imaginative individuals who enjoy expressing themselves through various forms of art

K Female Christianity Greek

Logo Name Meaning



  • Grettel is a lovely and gentle name that reflects a sense of purity and elegance
  • People with this name are often known for their sweet and kind-hearted nature, always ready to help others with compassion and grace
  • They have a strong sense of inner wisdom and sensitivity towards the feelings of those around them, making them wonderful friends and confidants

G Female Christianity German